Women’s Should Know

So here, we have for you a few interesting facts about undergarments’ that might make you say “oh, I didn’t know that” and you will find them quite funny. We are sure you will like them, so let’s see below which are those.

1. Almost 64% of women in this world wear the wrong bra size, they either choose the smaller one or the bigger one compared to what they should wear. This can make someone have problems with their breasts facing huge pain. To avoid that, don’t try to acquire a certain look and sacrifice health in order to have a gorgeous cleavage everyday. Choose the right cup size that fits your breasts perfectly in a way you don’t put pressure on them.

2.Women started to wear underwear much later than men and in England this happened around the 18th century.

3. Wearing the biggest pair of underwear simultaneously is held by Jack Singer of Warwick who wore 215 pair when he was only 10 years old. The previous record belonged to someone who wore 200 pairs.

4. The smallest sizes of bras are sold in China, while the biggest ones are sold in UK.

5. One woman, throughout her life wears about 5 different bra sizes!

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